Today’s episode

Dear podaudience, I want to apologize for not having an episode today. I was victim of robbery last night close to my apartment. My new iPhone was stolen by an adolescent from a group of 4. I am trying to fix this matter today and give more details to the police.

Luna Duo

This week guest is a duo formed by Valeria Stewart and Kathleen Huber. We talked in a lightly and informal way, as we knew each other a long time. We sat in Valeria’s dinner room and chatted about their bands, how Kathleen admires Valeria skillful music arrangements, and even Valeria’s Lab had a taken in …

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Chile has awaken

This episode took a turn that no one would have expected. All of my followers know that I have a deep respect for all Chileans and I have been very vocal supporting them for the last two years. I decided to do a special episode of Chile’s Popular Protest against neoliberalism policies that dates back …

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