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Music in 2Flavors Música en 2Sabores Hall of Fame

Design created by Jaime Riera-Seivane -protected as a Tradermark 

José “Pepe” Espada – Banjo Bones

Eli Lev

Diego Allessandro

Design created by Jaime Riera-Seivane -protected as a Tradermark 

Vanessa Aponte

Reinaldo Martínez

Eli Lev

Raúl Lagos

Iñaki Sánchez

Ernesto Acosta

Max Allende Vásquez

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If you cannot support me economically, there is one way that you could also be a member of Music in 2Flavors Hall of Fame: Share on your social media, by tagging me on Instagram (Music 2Flavors) and/or Twitter (@M2FM2S) four episodes that you liked. That way, this will be also a reason to mention and add you to Music in 2Flavors Hall of Fame.

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