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You need more than 2 to Tango, we were 3 tangueando

The saying it takes two tango is right but in this week’s episode we are more into tango and if you go to a boliche it will be many people dancing or playing tango. The laymen or laywomen when they hear tango they have some knowledge of what we are talking. But it takes more to know what tango entails.

Winnie and Ben, two outstanding musicians will bring new lights to tango scene in USA. Ben Borgart, a saxophone and bandoneon player, and Winnie Cheung, a pianist, took me to new harmonic levels in this episode. Did you know that this episode was virtually recorded (taped). Well, we have to ask Ben about that recording; he is the key-keeper of it.

But lets go back to this episode. If I were to define this episode the best word to describe it will be explosive passionate. While I was listening to it during edit process, I realized that we were three people talking with a lot of enthusiasm about music. We shared a lot of laughter, wittiness, we were histrionic virtually. In a nutshell, that it is full of laughter, histrionics; in

We talked a lot about tango. Among those subtopics, Winnie took us to a brief tour on piano differences and how it different shapes brings the best of tango. Winnie is not a big fan of keyboard, for her they are soulless, unless you play progressive rock. While Ben throw to the stage that his bandoneon can play progressive rock; which I do not doubt it.

If you ever hear Tango, please remember that there are more names in this genre than Carlos Gardel. We cannot let that tango is not attached to greatest composers and performers like Gabino Ezeiza, Osvaldo Pugliesse, Astor Piazzola, Juan de Dios Filiperto, among other BIG names.

This episode is all about music, specifically Tango, and music instruments. I do not know if you will agree with me when you listened this episode to the end, but Tango for me is powerful, it has a soul of its own. Tango is a genre with a mood, not you typical mood but a special one that comes from deep inside you. You need to play and listening to it to be able to understand what I mean by this description. Pay attention when Winnie gave me permission to have more music instruments and Ben suggested to get a bandoneon because it ahs keys and bellows. Definitely a bandoneon would be a great acquisition.

As Winnie said at the end of this episode We shall Persevere, One Tango at a time…

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