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Official Picture of Yes 50th Anniversary

Tony Kaye, whose picture (third from left to right) is below, was born in 1946.

Tony Kaye is well known for being an English keyboardist, songwriter, producer and manager. He was a founding member of the rock band Yes and later played in Badfinger.

Tony was the first Yes’ keyboard player and left the band in 1971. His appeareance on Yes Album left a huge footprint on what later became a classical progressive album for Yes Fans. Later he will join Yes, again, in the 80’s and will be part of the Yes lineup in its 50th Anniversary. If you happened to have a copy of The Illustrated Encyclopledia of Rock (Compiled by Nick Logan and Bod Woffiden), you will read that Tony Kaye left Yes to “form his own (unsucessful) band Badger.” I cannot state whether this is true or not. But one thing is for sure, Tony Kaye was, at the time, and nowadays a sucessful musician.

His skillfull craftmanship as a keyboard player does not come from a void. He comes from a family of musicians. His grandmother was a concert pianist and his grandfather was a jazz saxophonist. His started at age four to play the piano and he was very keen on classical music. At 12, he started giving concerts in his town.

It was in his teens that he started to play jazz, Dixieland style, and later will play different genres like R & B and later Rock and Roll.

While touring extensively with Yes, he suffered a car accident that left him with a broken foot. If you look at Yes Album cover, Tony is wearing a cast in the album’s cover.

As I mentioned previously, Kaye helped to Yes’s sucess with Yes Album. As it well pointed out: “remains one of the most impressive and listenable albums of the progressive rock era, and not just to fans of progressive rock, and a good portion of that credit must go to Tony Kaye’s restrained, tasteful, yet virtuosic playing.

Therefore, Happy Birthday Mr Tony Kaye and thank you for your music.

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