We have three interviews in the can

Shot screen of LPA 2019 for the Best Bilingual Podcast

Have you ever heard the expression In the can? I have been using it since my days in college back in the 1980’s. In the can (a phrasal verb not taught in high school) means: successfully completed. See Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

Well, experience and maturity, besides other events, have shown me that is better to look to a glass half-full instead of half-empty. Since I have been quarantined -well, almost everyone- I decided to take this opportunity in working very early, since I do not have to travel by bus/metro, and have my late afternoon free. I have put-up a lot of hours in advance in order to do a few recordings in advance and have my nights for my guitar, Merlin, charango, panflute (sikus) and quena.

Having said that, I just recorded three (3) interviews: two (2) in Spanish, and one (1) in English. Following you will see each episode slated to air as shown below:

Saturday 3/28/2020 Episode 132: José Pablo Catalán: Guitarra Chilena y Traspuesta y algo más

Saturday 4/4/2020 Episode 133 Victor Main: Classical Guitar in Rhode Island

Saturday 4/11/2020 Episode 134 Alfonso Ureta: más allá de Los Maipó

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