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We are celebrating 3 years of Podcasting

Three years ago, I launched Music in 2Flavors Música en 2Sabores. I knew nothing about podcasting, radio, sound, recording equipment, etc. I started by researching, checking the best equipment, I look for the advised of a Catalan friend, Jose Manuel Puchal, who worked for A’ddario and told me which digital recording, mixer, microphones I should get. The rest, was trial and error.

It was not easy at the beginning. I did research a lot, contacted many people, some accepted my invitation, some never answered. My first guest was Katherine Walden, now a PhD graduate, whom told me all about baseball music. Before meeting her at the Library of Congress, where she was working as a fellow, she suggested me several books and that is when I started to know how Americans in the USA, got involved into music, all about Tin Pan Alley, and baseball most famous song: Take me out to the Ball Game with Casey. That first episode opened a lot of windows in this new venture. I learned to embrace new rhythms, appreciate more the work of street and indie musicians/peformers. At the end, these are the real actors who push the wheel of happiness, for a fair price, into our lives,

Please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong in loving and being a loyal fan of a great music star, I have a lot of famous heroes on my list that I wished I could see in a concert. There is nothing more in the World that I would like to attend as many concerts from these music heroes and have a hold on many guitars. Nevertheless, I do also have a lot of heroes that are unknown to mainstream media, or that they do not care to know. These musicians reflects, thru their songs and lyrics, an image of people struggling on a daily basis to make meet ends. Those songs, that sometimes only local people will listened to it live or thru a independent radio station, might not be able to spread their wings outside of their regional boundaries. I have witnessed and met great musicians who have not had the lucky charm to take your music further to other countries until now.

The previous image does not limit itself to musicians. It also includes many people that work behind or under the radar of mainstream media. This actors/actresses do a work that is limited to certain spaces or scenes,, such as academia or other peers within the same field. I am talking of all the luthiers, musicologist, neurological scientist/researchers are not in the radar of mainstream media. Their invaluable work are many times viewed by those, like myself, that are aficionados in reading about any topic outside of our field of expertise.

That is one of the many reasons that Music in 2Flavors Música en 2Sabores came into life. I wanted to create an ideal platform for all these people to allow them to spread their wings and fly to other places with their music; with their passion in crafting an instrument; and/or, sharing the results of their research on how music has evolved or keep evolving/making social changes, and/or how music assist us in focalizing more and creating new neurological connections.

As I have said in previous posts, we are living convulsive times. Our leaders do not care about unity anymore and we are bombarded with negativism in all fronts thru social media and TV.

While I write this post, commemorating my 3 years in podcasting, the last stanza in Pete Seeger’ song Turn Turn Turn A time for love, a time for hate; A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late is being played somewhere inside, that infinite universe, my brain.

Music is a healer, John Lennon and many others like him, known or unknown to us, claim for it through songs. Peace is needed more than never; and music is the vehicle to achieve or subjugate the beast inside of all us. Is not too late to surrender all hate and let the sun shine thru music.

To all my guests and my pod-audience thank you for these wonderful 3 years. This ride will have never left its gate if it wasn’t because all of you. This is not the end yet, and hopefully Love will reign again. As one of my favorite drummers and former Beatle will say: Peace and Love!

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