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We are back with a gypsy violinist

Yes, after two weeks of hiatus, an elbow surgery that will keep me away from my guitar for twelve weeks, various weeks figuring out , and still trying to, how to manage this “Theme” without any luck; typing with one hand and listening to punk, I am back on my website.

This week episode, I had as a guest the great Giorgi Khokhobashvili, who is from the Republic of Georgia . See the picture below to know where this beautiful country is located in Europe.

The first time I listened Giorgi was on a Banjo Bones CD. I was blown away and I asked Pepe who was the guy in the violin. Pepe was responsible for this episode’s content. If it wasn’t for him, I would have missed the opportunity of knowing Giorgi, and then Jazz Gitan Trio, Jessica Malone, and so forth on.

On this episode, Giorgi will bring us, thru his violin and story, the beautiful sound of gypsy jazz and why his life as a musician should inspired us to continue to improve ourselves in our music, no matter what genre will play.

Giorgi’s down-to-earth attitude towards life, his soft/soothing voice, and how he approached his passion to jazz and funk music is evidence that our World has too many hidden music treasures that needs to be spread.

I hope that my approach and desire to discover these hidden jewels are met and that you really had a wonderful music bus trip with me on this episode.

If you like this episode, please share it on your social media and tagged us. We just want to reach more people with similar tastes in music, as yourself. After all, music is what unite us and bring us together. That is what should really matter to all of us.

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