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Wammies Awards

If you are following me on Twitter and Facebook, I did some short livestreams from yesterday’s conference Pre-Wammies Awards Ceremony. I did two short interviews with Jus Paul and AD ST a rap/hip-hop producer whom are willing to sit with me and talk about their music and experiences on music industry.

I also recorded some of the panelists on Arts Advocacy, Print Media Future, and how to Secure a Gig conferences.

I want to thank Musicianship founder, Jeffery Tribble Jr, and Mercy Chikowore for giving me the opportunity of covering this event for my podcast. If you want to know more about the great work that The Musicianship is doing with our younger generation in the Washington DC Area, please visit their website at: Helping younger generation to succeed and be better human beings through music is one of the quintessential obligations we have to them. Get involved and help this organization to achieve their goal of leaving a positive mark in our community.

The event had over a 100 panelist and 16 conferences. It was a day full of information, networking and a lot of great music during lunch break. Some of the great artist that I met were: Wild Bay, Cat Janice, Catching Toads, Jus Paul, Oren Levine. There is over a 150 artist nominated. Wammies return, after a 2 year hiatus, big with a lot of things to do.

Soon I will be posting pictures of the event.

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