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The first 2019 raffle

As I announced previously, I did a raffle yesterday where I posted a picture of a famous Argentinian musician. The winning prize is Eli Lev first CD All Roads East. If you have not heard this CD or my episode where Eli talked about it, scroll down the menu on your right side and listen to it.

Getting back to the contest/raffle; two people participated on it and both nailed the answer correctly. The musician with the dark glasses in the picture is Mr. Osvaldo Pedro Pugliese,a famous pianist and most venerable men in tango interpretation. The manager of @castanetworld surrendered his prize in favor of Mr. Arul Viral who participated and is the owner of a YouTube channel at To Mr. Arul Viral, CONGRATULATIONS on winning the prize and we hope to see more people on this raffles.

Soon, I will do another raffle for more people to participate with a trivia question. Try to check my webpage and Twitter (@Music2Flavors) where I will be posting and giving away more CD/s from guests. There is nothing to buy. Just participate, give the correct answer on time and we will see who would be our next raffle winner.

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