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Tabi Terusiak

Picture provided by Tabi Terusiak

Last Friday, a day before my flight was supposed to depart, I met Tabi Terusiak at #TakomaBeverageCo to record her episode. This time, the environment was not very cooperative. We had too many sounds around us such as: helicopters flying over us, a car jamming Norteño music, a lot of people walking by, etc. However, Tabi’s voice came clean and easy to follow; mine was a like a train wreck.

Although, my voice sound quality is not the best, I Tabi managed to make the answers clear so you can understand what was my question all about.

By the time that you read this and listened to the episode, I will be thousands of kilometers away and crossing my fingers that Tabi’s episode and the next one that follows uploads accordingly as programmed.

I will keep you posted of my whereabouts.

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