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Street Musicians in Seville

Picture taken on Sierpes Street, Seville by Jaime Riera (c)

Many of you that follows me on Twitter (@Music2Flavors) do know that I had to travel to Spain to attend a family emergency. I spent many hours during day time in the hospital, and Puri asked me to leave to tour the city. I was not in a position to argue, I brought my digital recording Zoom H6 which I planned to use during these “escapades” at night. I cruised Seville and its most inner streets on bike or by “foot”. I knew that I will find musicians somewhere, I read a lot about street performance and I was not going to quit until I find at least one.

Almost 10 years has passed since the last time I was in this Andalusian city I was not that into music. I loved music but not as much, I mean from a researcher perspective. I completely understood Jesus Cosano when I

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0894-1024x768.jpg
Picture taken on Ave. Constitución by Jaime Riera (c)

interviewed him last Monday between beers and some tapas. The heat was over 92 degrees Farenheit, and he told me that he has no academia background. However, for him that was not an impediment or obstacle to research and read a lot about African people in Seville during XV -XIX Centuries. I am of the same opinion as he is. I have some years of private classical guitar lessons, a lot of reading about music, and some self-taught sightreading but I am not a musicologist. Although, Violeta Parra has no academia background either and she contributed so much to Chile folk music that anyone with two fingers in front will argue favorable on her behalf.

Picture taken on Plaza de España, Seville
by Jaime Riera (c)

I met many musicians from Seville, Venezuela, Romania, and Argentina during these escapades. I did around five to six recordings and met many others musicians who were already done with their performances on the streets. I was not able to record them, but I left them my business card and and asked them to contact me when they planned to do more performing in the streets. The sound of crickets the next few days on my Whatsapp and email was the only think I listened to. (metaphor symbolism). However, I know that on my next trip I will be able to catch them.

There is another big city where there is a lot of street musicians performing in different places in the same plaza. I will not reveal my sources, but they already know who I am and they will await for me, as I have been told already.

Until the next post, take care, and remember to follow me in Twitter @Music2Flavors, Instagram @Music2Flavors and if you like what I do and want to help me support economically other independent musicians, please visit my page at Patreon

Picture taken on Ave. Constitución, Seville, by Jaime Riera (c)

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