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Ros Gilman is back to bring us Hope

Photo provided by Ros Gilman

It is undeniable that we are living difficult times or navigating thru troubles waters. This year, 2020, hit us with Covid19 and death of many African-American by law enforcement personnel. If we want to add salt to the injury, in November USA will be facing a tough decision. As you may know, 2020 is Presidential elections. We are uncertain if the People are willing to change leadership or reelect someone whose leadership has been questioned by many World Leaders and lay people like you and myself. I might dare to say that we are getting into a whirlpool of changes without knowing the results. Uncertainty has become a word in many people’s daily word.

Even on these uncertain times, there is always hope. We cannot let all these events surrendered to negativism. My guest, Ros Gilman, a wonderful musician and film music composer sat with me last weekend and we started where we almost left on our chat on Episode 47.

If you have not heard or listen to Ros before, I think that you should need to make a sudden stop and listened how this soft-spoken person describes the story behind his music. Since this 2020 has been so bad so far, I wanted to start with

Ros’ Fresh Air. If you do not know what I am referring to after listening to this episode, please click on Fresh Air link; added, for the second time, a YouTube link in case that you missed the first one. You can be classical and at the same time progressive (I am giving too many clues?), the way everything should be, at least under my standards.

Then, we jumped to Ros’ film making music in The Arrival. A film documentary that applies to any one or group who is forced to abandon their own country to pursue happiness. In a World influenced by bigotry, sometimes we need to look and ask ourselves: Aren’t we all immigrants in this Planet? The answer will be definitely a yes. We are just tenants of this beautiful World and we need to change our views towards our sisters and brothers. There should be no room for hate or prejudice during our lifetime. I have seen that face too close and is not an experience that I would desire to any one, not even those who criticizes me.

When Ros and myself chatted about his next release, Dawn of Hope, it cam to my mind why this instrumental song could not be our current Peace Baner. Why, we as people who supports the arts and culture, social struggle and equal right for everyone, should not play and demand from our favorite music platforms, to dedicate one full hour of playing from the start to the end, this song, or at least every quarter of an hour until a full hour is met.

Dawn of Hope, is going to be released on June 19 at midnight, it should become our Peace Banner for that day and for every day that we feel down. That is why I invite you to download this beautiful instrumental composition and make it your music of the day. All of you who follows me know that I am in favor of paying royalties to our musicians by getting their music. Sometimes free music is appreciated when it comes from our music idols themselves and not from a mainstream platform that pays less than a 1 percent of royalties to musicians. That is why, I will get my own download by paying my fee for Dawn of Hope this Friday, June 19th, 2020, at 12:01am. I promise that I will post a picture of it on all my social platforms.

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