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Renacer de mi Tierra

On this week episode we are going to have a big u-turn in my musical bus with Renacer de mi Tierra, a Chilean folklore group whose goal is to promote and support Chilean music. On this interview I had the spiritual experience of recording it with Raul Guzmán, the group director. We talked about the obstacles or challenges that this group had faced for the last 20 years, but they keep pushing the cart in favor of culture over money. On their backs, they have three music recordings (3 CDs) which I hope I could have them to give away soon.

With Raúl, our chat lasted over an hour but it was so dynamic and wonderful that we did not realized how much we talked; it was as we knew each other. Is not the first time that I had Renacer de mi Tierra on my podcast. Do you remember the special 4th Episode on Christmas? It was Renacer’s villancincos that entertained you on these Holidays.

There is one small favor I will ask you, as my subscribers and readers: please sponsor this folklore group by letting them know how much you like their music. Remember that Renacer is a self-financed band that do not receive any support from any non-governmental organization nor governmental. Support our local musicians, as I always say; I do by purchasing their CDs as a believer of all non-commmercial musicians. Remember that non-commercial music is part of our World Heritage.

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