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Promo for my patreons and guests

Since yesterday, I have been receiving all the merchandise I bought for my guests and supporters. Their long commitment towards me, with their economical donation and their time spent with me in each episode requires me to show them my gratitude and appreciation.

I want to thanks the people of for their hard work and prompt delivery of my coasters. Their team worked with me via chat to solve any question or any tech problem with my design during the initial stages of my order. is a company located in Texas and they give you the option of sending your order to China or that its stay in USA. In my case, I could not send this art and order overseas because it is against my principles. All of you know that I am committed to support local (meaning in USA) business. If I can avoid ordering any marketing merchandise abroad, I will do it. I will love if you could do the same and support your local business and musicians. They are the real force behind our economy and they will greatly appreciate your business. It is not only in Holidays that we should support them, it should be all year around.

Furthermore, if you want one of my giveaway merchandise, please join my Patreon website at Your donations will help me acquire more music from my guests to give away and to continue upgrading my equipment.

Thank you all for visiting my website, subscribing to my podcast and for supporting my work and of my musical guests.

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