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OUP Grove Music Contest

Image is from OUP website and is copyrighted

Oxford University Press just announced the revival of Grove Music 2021 based on parodies composed by those interested.

The rules for submission are in the link herein provided. However, in a nutshell, those interested should submit a writing no to exceed 300 words, including any bibliography or works lists you might choose to include. Not following this rule, the work submitted will be folded, spindled, and rejected.

All submissions must be submitted by 23:59 on

All submissions must be submitted by 23:59 on February 28, 2021 and sent to:

By email sent to as follows:

  • Subject must read “Grove Music fake article contest-[title]” (e.g., Grove Music fake article contest-Ear flute).
  • Body of the email must include the title of the article and your full name and contact information (street address, email, phone)
  • The article must be included in an attached document. It must not include your name. This is to facilitate blind judging. Use your article’s title as the document name (if your article includes punctuation that can’t be in a document title, replace the punctuation with a space). You may send as many as three articles, but please send each submission separately. No more than three entries will be accepted from a single author.

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