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On Today Music History, a name not known by many

On 1748, Etienne Joseph Floquet, French opera composer, was born in Aix-en-Provence, France. (d. 1785).

He began his career by writing sacred music. He was in Paris by 1767 and soon gained recognition, having sacred and secular works performed which attracted aristocratic patronage. In Paris, he wrote his famous opera L’Union de l’amour et des arts, which was produced with high success at the Academie Royale de Musique. However, his second opera, Azolan, ou Le Serment indiscret was a disaster.

After this fiasco, he traveled to Italy where he perfectioned his knowledge under the wings of Sala and Martini.

Upon his return to Paris, he wrote several operas: Académic, Hellé, Le Seigneur bien-faisant and La Nouvelle Omphale (comic opera).

Among his sacred compositions are:

Motet à grand choeur (1760)
Motet pour la semaine sainte (1760)
Messe solennelle (1760)
Deus noster refugium (1769)
La Gloire du Seigneur (1769)
Messe des morts (1771)
Messe de Requiem (1772)
Te Deum pour 2 choeurs et 2 orchestres (1776)
Cantate Domino canticum (1777)
Dixit Dominus
In exitu Israel

Other choral work by him are:

Les Amans seroient charmans, mélodies
La Constrainte du silence, pour soprano, 2 violons, alto et basse
Fugues sur des thèmes de Martini, à 4-5 voix
Leçons de contrepoint à 4-5 voix (1777).

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