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November 6th Today in Music History

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, oil on canvas by Nikolai Kuznetsov, 1893.
© AISA—Everett/

Every Christmas, our theatres are always packed of public and awainting ansiously the presentation of one of the most beautiful ballet masterpieces that represents vividly the spirit of Christmas: The Nutcracker.

Our today’s character, was the most accomplish composer from the Romantic Period in his country. But The Nutcracker is not the only musical piece that made him noteworthy. He also composed Overture 1812, a musical piece that honored the bravery of his countrymen facint the Napoleonic Army when, defeated, abandoned its intentions of dominating and making Russia part of the French Empire.  

At age 17, Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky came under the influence of the Italian singing instructor Luigi Piccioli, the first person to appreciate his musical talents, and thereafter Tchaikovsky developed a lifelong passion for Italian music. 

In 1866, he became professor at the Moscow Conservatory.

Besides all his symphonies, music for ballet, his compositions forr piano and violin, he composed music for children as well.

He traveled all over the World and Cambridge University awarded him a doctorate degree. He lived to enjoy his fame.

He died of cholera, that was spreading all over St Petersburg. Even though the medical team attending him were doing the impossible, he passed away four days later. His date of death is not certain, some sources state it was on October 25 and others today, November 6. I will follow my source coming from a classical music website.

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