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November 24th, a day to mourn…

Twenty-nine years ago, Freddie Mercury left this earthly World. He was battling AIDS and passed away at his home in London’s Holland Park. He was only 45 years old.

The 70’s was a decade of creativity and originality; and Freddie was not stranger to that. If you do not believe me, check Greg Lake’s interview who ratifies my opinion on seventies creativity.

Who has not seen his iconic movie Bohemian Rhapsody? It is not only, almost, truthful on every aspect of his life, but show how he recreated his image and obtained stardom.

Mercury was openly bisexual and enjoyed and lived his rock star life masterfully. He never showed any regrets and his answers to press were full of sarcasm and sassiness.

He had a powerful voice range, a full octave higher than anyone else. Many people attributed it to his buck teeth. However, others disagree. A few years ago, scientist decided to study Mercury’s voice range. The full explanation is on this link. However, this is a well summary of his powerful voice:

The report then went on to reveal that Mercury produced his singing voice in a way that is markedly different from other singers: he did this by not merely vibrating his vocal cords, but also activating his vestibular folds, a pair of mucous membranes located just above the vocal cords.

As Queen’s front-man, Freddie Mercury achieved stardom like no other musician in his time; and that is my opinion. He was a masterful piano player and stage performer.

Twenty-nine years ago, we lost an English star, like many musical luminaries from UK.

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