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Norbert Fimpel, Saxophonist

This week guest is Norbert Fimpel, whom I met via Javier Lopez Trezza, a good friend of mine currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As Javier, Norbert is also Argentinian and in 2001 he moved to Spain with his family. You need to listen to this episode (First Part of an hour and a half). If you have not listened to the episode yet, here is the linkL However, if you look at your right side of your screen, you can play it from there.

In this first part, we talked about his upbringing in a Buenos Aires’ burrough and how he met Alejandro Lerner and Roger Hodgson (Supertramp main vocalist).

Next week, the second part where we talked about his tour as Joe Cocker’s saxophonist. You can’ t miss this two part episodes.

If you want to know more about Norbert Fimpel, check his website at and his Instagram account @norbertfimpel.

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