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Norbert Fimpel, Deuxième partie

Maybe you are asking why I wrote on the title of this post Deuxième Partie in French… Well, for starters, I love the ring of it. You cannot deny that sounds awfully beautiful (see the use of two contradictory words on this sentence?). Furthermore, I am going back to put in practice my full one year French course I took on 1988-89. That means, I am starting to read French to see how much I remember. But, lets put this language thing to the side and lets talk about this week episode.

On this week Spanish episode, I uploaded my second and last recording with Norbert Fimpel. On this last part, we embark to a different place. On Première Partie, we left Norbert Fimpel when he was leaving Argentina and moving to Spain after Corralito’s issue.

On this journey, Norbert will take us to his experience with Night of the Proms where he became a regular and that is when magic happened; meeting James Brown, meeting Joe Cocker and becoming his saxophonist for over five years, and many more good fortunes.

Why holding yourself of not listening to this Spanish speaking episode where you will listen from first hand the experiences and stories from a fine musician. I am including a link of this phenomenal event taking place in Belgie/Belgique (Belgium) so you can see him with James Brown at minute 2:12, tall blonde guy playing the saxophone and wearing James Brown’s band uniform:

Once you finished listening to this episode, please leave a comment on this page or on your favorite podcast platform. If you happened to listen to this podcast on iTunes, feel free to leave as many stars you like.

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