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March 2, 2019, a big surprise

Next Saturday we are going to have a big surprise for all the Hispanic community. Yesterday, I had a recording session with a musician from Cuba. Even though our connection was not the best, we had so many loss reception, that this episode might be one of the shortest I ever done. However, the experience of talking with someone of Cuba broaden my interest on music to a different level. If you ask me what we talked, let me be blunt, we did not talked about salsa, jazz, or any other popular genre. I will not give any hint. You will never guess it. Only a few friends, very close to my heart, knows who was my guest.

I am working on that episode as I write this post, and my emotions are hard to describe. Later on the week, I will give you a hint. Maybe my Patreons will know what route I took on this musical journey.

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