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New promotion on Patreon

Part of the Cds I will be given away on this promotion

Many of you know that I have a Patreon account for donations, Currently, I am trying to increase the number of Patreons and support new musicians and update my recording equipment. It does not matter which Tier you choose, if you decide to be subscribe to Tiers Street Performer or Bluegrass, if you commit to 5 months subscription, you will receive a CD from one of my invitees at month number 5. After that you could end the subscription or if you decide to be for a longer period, on December 1st, I will send you another Cd.

Must of you probably knows that I was victim of an assault/robbery a week ago where my new iPhone was taken from me. I was saving all my money to purchase a Rodecaster. The proceeds of my Patreons will be used to save money for this equipment and for purchasing more Cd’s from my next invitees.

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