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New Hall of Fame Members

I know that I have not been updating my Hall of Fame – Members, which is time to fix this omission. Besides the names I will mention on this post, there is a link of each name for you to click on it an follow either on their websites or social accounts.

To all these members, thank you. But lets do the corresponding name mention:

To Banjo Bones for always believing in me and not matter how bad or down am I, he will make sure to lift my spirit.

Eli Lev for keeping doing music for all of his groupies and future fans and former member on my Patreon account.

To my new Hall of Famer Guest, Diego Alessandro for hitting the milestone of being a third time on my podcast. Your continous jokes and great conversation on politics are always a balsam in our current political affairs. Your wit and sarcasm are always joyfull.

On Music in 2Flavors Supporters Hall of Fame, it is very important to acknowledge Vanessa Aponte who has been a constant supporter on Patreon. She is one of those few people that has stuck with me on Patreon and I humbly acknowledge that she is truly an Honorary Member.

On my supporter’s list, Max Allende Vasquez, even though he is not a Patreon, these does not mean that I cannot acknowledge his continous support to my podcast. It is people, such as Max, that makes possible that my podcast reaches other countries and people. To you Max, a gift not only as a guest but also as a friend is on your way.

To Raul Lagos, also known as Arul, for always being there when I needed him. Distance my be a physical stage, but your love and support is infinite. One day I will drop by Cipolletti and hug you and jam some rock tunes.

I do not want to miss the opportunity to thank former Patreon supporters Reinaldo Martinez and Ernesto Acosta for their donations during 2017-2021. Thank you to both of you for believing in me and on my music project that differs exponentially from other music podcasts.

For those who has shared my content but never tagged me, thank you from my heart. It means a lot and I hope to be able to thank you personally with a note or shout-out on my next episode.

If you want to be part of this group of Hall of Famers and would love to economically contribute to my project, please click on my Patreon page and pick any Tier mentioned on such website. No money support will go unnoticed. any kind of monetary contribution is appreciated and will cover administrative expenses that I have been self-financing since 2017.

If you are not financially well grounded, I will appreciate that you could share four of the episodes that you listened or will listen and tag me. For me this would benefit my podcast in reaching more people and will show your support to my work. I will make sure to include you in Music in 2Flavors Hall of Fame and send you a gift as a token of appreciation for your kindness.

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