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My guest this week, John T Lyon

Pic taken from John T Lyon’s Facebook page

My guest for tomorrow’s episode is John T Lyon, a busker or street performer at 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003. 

I met John a few weeks ago. Every time I went to my dog’s vet, I happened to sit and watch him play each Saturday. One Saturday, after going again to my dog’s vet, I approached him and talked a bit with him about becoming a guest on my podcast. He immediately said yes and we set the date and place. 

I recorded this episode yesterday, October 11, 2021, since it was a Holiday. We talked about everything and we shared many common grounds, such as: our loved for Barcelona, Canned Heat, Simon and Garfunkel, arts and surrealism, and much more. John even talked about his use of drugs and two of his bands: The Escorts and The Undertakers. I was taken by surprise when he mentioned that he opened to George Thorogodd and happened to meet and greet Frank Zappa in Georgetown the same day. Many places were mentioned by him that are long gone in Washington DC.

This episode has a lot of enviromental sounds because it was recorded in an open space on Radici Market, a great deli/cafe located at 303 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003. No, Radici did not sponsored this episode nor paid any fee for this shoutout, I am doing this because their staff were kind towards me and one of their staff, a girl, approached our table at the end and asked about what we were doing. 

If you happened to follow me on Twitter @M2FM2S, I said that anyone who approaches me during the recording will receive a gift. She, as a folksy fan and that share her dad’s music taste deserved a gift and I gave her a Josh Gray CD.

Also I take this opportunity to thank Vanessa Aponte for being the one and only Patreon and @CarloDesign for letting me know that he received the vinyl I gave him as a gift. I always enjoy giving away free music to those who deserved it.


  1. John t. Lyon John t. Lyon

    Thanks for the interview, Jaime ! It was great fun.

    • Jaime Jaime

      Hi John, thank you for your time. I had a great time with you and talking about a great topic: Music. We need to do a second part to this one. There was a lot left in the inkwell.

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