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Michela Messina, a/k/a Maatsay

Photo provided by Michela Messina

It has been awhile since I posted anything about one of my guests. Believe when I tell you that I have been struggling and dealing with personal matters that have taken away my attention from my passion: writing, photography, podcasting, and music.

This post does not mean that I have overcome any of these personal matters, there are still and it will remain until the Universe decides to end it and take it to another spectrum.

Anyhow, getting back to my topic of this post. A few weeks ago, I recorded an amazing episode with an Italian singer whom I happens to meet on Clubhouse, the famous iPhone app to meet people on from different background and work experiences. There were many rooms were musicians and entrepreneurs in music business participated. On these rooms people were eager on offering their two cents and advise on how to suceed on this business. Maatsay happened to be on one of those rooms, and I decided to reach out to her via Twitter and invite her to my podcast.

As I always do, I tried to talk to my future guests via phone and explain how my music podcast was born and the different roads it has cruised for the last 4 years, even the two months of hiatus. When I conversed with Maatsay, we shared our experiences in New York and threw some jokes about life here and there. The only thing left was to set a date to record her episode. Who would have imagined that we will be recording on Good Friday. Well, we did.

As always, I tried to have my Livetrak 8 already on recording mode. That way I will avoid my ADHD to play tricks on me resulting on talking a lot and not recording anything.

Our conversation started with religious jokes that is only available for my Patreons; I called this the Uncut Version. The one that you listened, or all about to listen to, click HERE to be directed to the audio, on podcast platforms is the edited one; and both of them have a lot of laughter, silliness from my part, and interesting topics on her music experience in Italy and New York.

When I realized that we were in the mood forrecording I set the tone or tempo for Maatsay to tell us her music story. Her journey on music was fascinating and it shows how mean we could be as humans. How people treat musicians as bohemian and that what you enjoy doing is not a form of living. It seems that in order to consider you a “professional” in an acceptable line of work you need to be depressed. Maatsay, as well as many of my previous guests, they really

She, not like a few of us, came into music, full throttle, in her early twenties,. Her decision was taken when she got tired of listening from people that she cannot sing. Well, she really did show that she not only can sing, but take you to a different level of paradisiac realms with her voice. I can attest to her magnificent voice and how she proved to those biased people that questioned her abilities to mesmerize you with her voice. If you want to rebut my assessment, click on the link on her YouTube channel below. Early on our conversation she threw some cantautores’ names that you might find interesting to follow. Her experience with a producer and how making mistakes helps you to grow and gain experienc is a testimony that many of us need to listen to.

On this two-hour conversation, we got the opportunity of knowing more about her upbringing with soul, R & B, and jazz music from the greatest names from US in her household, her experiences in New Yor, and how all of these experiences, including coming from a family that struggle financially, helped her in building her character and work ethics. We talked about our own experiences and share some insightful observations of how we look at life. For example, one of the many things we talked about was failing and how it should be viewed. It is good to fail. Sometimes failure takes you to another level of introspection and empathy towards people around you. If you do not fail or make any mistake in life, then you are one lucky bastard. Nevertheless, if you were like any of us, mistakes help you to gain strength and to stand-up and keep the path to achieve success and/or happiness; which should be every one goal.

If you want to know more about Maatsay, please check and subscribed to her YouTube channel

Remember, the purpose of this podcast is to sow into you the seed of music curiosity and to make you acquainted with music and the people that performed it that are not part of our mass consumption media.

Check my other episodes and if you like this post, please leave a comment. So far I have been flooded with bots leaving comments about porn sites that are not entertaining anymore.

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