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Mehran Alizeraee

WHEN I embarked on July 2017 to travel accross the different spectrums of podcasting, I never thought my reach and those who I will talk to. I was very skeptical that my reach will be go beyond my borders, but I was proven wrong and I am glad life did.

I have met people from Europe, UK, South America and North America. But I have never imagined that I will be recording an episode with someone from the Middle East. Not until Mehran reach out to me, and I am glad he did. He open my mind to a new level of music experience that soon will be taken shape in a special episode on specific music instruments. But going back to our today’s topic:

Mehran Alizeraee is from Iran, Kursdish descendent and who is the project manager of Art of Peace.

If you had listened the episode already, you will have noticed that Mehran is a soft spoken person. His voice brings calmness to any one who is listening. Is not surprise that his project is coming to fruition.

Before recording this episode, we are 7 hours and a half of difference, I spoke to Mehran; obviously doing some research and digging out some information about Iran before having an informal conversation. No, I did not seek-out news media to know accurate facts on Iran. I did what I used to do back in College, dust-off my Histtory books and check if I had anything on Middle East on my Enclyclopedia of Music.

The wealth of information from this beautiful country is overwhelming, in a good sense. I started to find more and more information on their string instruments and much more. Definitely, this episode should be done. My objective on this episode is to show how wrong we are in judging countries for political reasons. Iranians are amazing people. Their culture is one of our pillars of our civilizatio; without these many tribes, that inhabited this region, we probably would have been deprived of being influenced, musically speaking, by their rythm and melodies. Iran culture is rich and lets not go into gastronomy, which is one of the most famous delicacies in regional cuisines Worldwide.

Going back to my episode, the moment we started to do the recording, I was mesmerized by Mehran’s wealth of musical knowledge and how much he has done with this magnificent project. I do not want to go into details of our conversation recorded, you should download it and listen to it and see why I am so fond to know more about Persian music and support Art of Peace.

As Mehran mentioned, The Art of Peace is a global project which is meant to be a peaceful message to all nations around the world. In arrangement of this music, a main instrument from each continent is chosen such as Carnyx from Europe with over 3000 years of antiquity which is not a well-known instrument around the world

We should take our blindfolds off and start looking to our sisters and brothers from Middle East with a different lens, not with a kaleidoscope one, where all images might be distortioned by someone with an economic agenda. My agenda pertains with culture and music, without it, we are empty shells destined to dissappear.

My conversation recorded with Mehran is direct evidence that music does not only heals, but also unites our People. Like Sly Stone once said: We are every day people.

Thank you Mehran for your time and your love toward us, even beyond your frontiers. I wished therer were more Mehran Alizeraee in our World.

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