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Latin Podcast Awards

This Saturday, the Latino Podcast Award would have their day. As many of you knows, October 12 is our Latino Heritage Day. What better way to celebrate it by watching this magnificent Award Ceremony.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Felix Montelera for opening this venue for podcasters, like myself, to submit our podcast for consideration and being nominated to this Award. In addition, I want to thank the following people who has assisted me in this bumpy road of sound effects and beautiful world: Ivan Patxi Gomez Gallego from VaPorNosotras podcast and El Callejero (whom has inspired me more in viewing Spain’s streets from another perspective), Oscar Blazquez from El Cronovisor (without his friendship, I would not have learned more about archaeology and we shared not only a beard -growing back- but also on Camel the band), Ernesto de (without his tips and recommendations I would not have developed a better sound on my recordings), a Víctor de Misterioso Universo en la Red Podcast (he is a supporter podcaster), and Ramón García from La Taberna del Jazz (without his show, my knowledge on Jazz would be too vague).

I also, as I did yesterday, I want to thank you, my audience and you who happens to visit my webpage today. You are the reason that people like myself throw ourselves to this media world to bring you a new perspective in music from within a musician, musicologist, luthier’s own experiences.

If you want to know where to watch the ceremony, go this Saturday to . The time zone will vary depending of your location:

North and South East Region of USA – 8:00pm

7:00 PMCentral Daylight TimeChicago (GMT-5)
6:00 PMMountain Daylight TimeDenver (GMT-6)
5:00 PMMountain Standard TimePhoenix (GMT-7)
5:00 PMPacific Daylight TimeLos Angeles (GMT-7)
4:00 PMAlaska Daylight TimeAnchorage (GMT-8)
4:00 PM Hawaii-Aleutian Standard TimeHonolulu (GMT-10)

Lets root for all Latino Podcast nominateds and I wish the best to all of them.

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