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Latin Podcast Awards

I decided to give another shot to Latin Podcast Awards again this year, by myself this time. I believe that, after over a year of broadcasting and broadening my musical horizons, I have an opportunity to bring this award home this year. Hopefully, my special episode on Music in Pinochet’s Concentration Camps will be the one that will bring home this award. If you have not listened to it yet, the first and second part are available. Go to the menu to your right to listen to it.

Maybe you ask yourself: Why I self-nominated myself? For starters, every contest where you submit your novel or unedited book is done by the author herself/himself, no one else. The same rule applies for podcasting. I have not seen, yet, any podcast contest, where they review each podcast; doing so would result in recruiting over a hundred people to screen or vet the podcast universe in Spanish (the second most spoken language so far in United States of America. So… I told to myself: If I do not try it, I will never know if I had the chance of winning. I promised myself never to let anything goes by without trying. Failing of not doing so is not an option.

In addition, this submittal does not mean that I am a finalist, I just registered it to be considered among many other great podcasts that will be submitting their programs. The judges will decide if my podcast is worth of be considered as a finalist or not. I invite you to be on the lookout for my tweets and links that I will be including from now on and I hope to have your support and endorsement.

Here is the link of the Latin Podcast website for you to visit:

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