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Lara Diaz, a bass clarinetist

Picture provided by Lara Díaz

On tomorrow’s episode I traveled, of course by phone conversation, to Spain. My guest is the amazing clarinetist Lara Diaz, a international performer from Salamanca with an outstanding musical career. On this episode I asked her all about this fabulous instrument, Bass Clarinet. She is currently touring in Canary Island.

The songs interpreted by Lara and included in this episode are as follows: Danzón No. 5 by Arturo Marquez; Dos Grabados for violin and Bass Clarinet by Emilio Mateu; and, Runion by Jon Russell.

If you want to know more about Lara Díaz please visit her website at:

As promised on this episode, herein the list of composers: Salvador Brotons; Dorothee Eberhardt; David Bennett Thomas; Jon Russell; Stephan Vermeersch; Emilio Mateu; Gene Pritsker; Arturo Marquez; Roderick de Man. In classical music we have Eugene Bozza and Adolf Busch.

Below you have a bass clarinet picture for your reference

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  1. hermosa melodía amigo felicidades a Laura, una genia.-

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