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Josh Gray was our guest

As it was announced previously, I came this year with a new format and many surprises.

My guest on Episode Master 161 and Episode Single 161.2 is Josh Gray, a talented composer and guitarist. I listened Josh for the first time thanks to word of mouth, Paul Renna, another great musician from Austin, Texas.

Josh was born in California and in his early years he moved to Montgomery County, Maryland, where I am currently living. We could say that these years left a big mark on his song writing that it was later polished when he moved in 2000’s to Nashville Tennessee.

Josh would not admit that he is a great guitar player, but mark my words, he is a DAMN GOOD GUITAR PLAYER. But what I really love of Josh are his lyrics from both his music releases Josh Gray EP and Songs of the Highway. An example of how depp/profound his lyrics are is the theme song of his lates CD with his band Dark Features.

Late nights spent writing
Lost in a haze
Scan the horizon
To glimpse the green ray
Eye of Poseidon
It beckons to me

For many songwriters, composing could be an easy task, and sometimes it is not. However, when your muse decides to dropby and make a visit, you grab a paper and pencil and start writing down whatever she tells you; no matter the time, the location, or even with whom you are. Those moments could not let pass by.

Besides talking about his music, lyrics, and how we do not like nor approve how music industry and Spotify is harming musicians nowadays, we talked about what happened on Nashville on December 25, 2020. If you want to know more about this event, you should go now and listen to the Episode.

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