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Jorge M Collazo, a Cuban luthier

We have heard on the news all about Cuba’s regime, political views, education system, health system, and economical issues. However, mainstream media never talks about Cuba cultural legacy in the arts, music, history, etc.

I have talked about Cuba before, coming from Cuban family, is no surprise to anyone. The first time I talked about Cuba in my podcast was with Rafa Lozina on episode 83. Before that I had Henry Vidal on my show and we talked a lot about his medieval music ensemble.

For June, I decided that Cuba needed to be revisited from a different perspective. That is when Jorge Collazo, a sculptor that turned out to be one of the finest and committed luthiers in La Habana was the first guest in my list. I met Jorge via Henry and we started to talk about music, his life as a luthier and keep track of his work. In this episode, Jorge made sure to thank Herminio Escalona, one of the most prominent Cuban sculptors in today’s plastic scene, in taking him under his wings to teach him plastic arts.

My goal with this episode, is to build a bridge between a younger generation of Cubans that want to give the most to their country and the “outside World”. Currently, Cuba has not the means nor the goods to fix, create, or restore musical instruments.

As Jorge stated in this episode, from his humble workshop, he sometimes finds himself forced to create pieces or parts for a piano. It is well known that it is hard for him to find blueprints or materials that could lead him to restore or fix a piano as it should be. Sometimes he lacks the materials or tools to fix or create a tuning pins, pins, hammers, wood parts, strings etc. That is why he and many more Cubans need the assistance of kindred spirit to keep restoring and fixing music instruments.

I know that in this music community there are people, like myself, willing to give a helping hand. If you want to be part of my project: Building Music Bridges Around the World, please send me a message via my Contact link. My goal is to provide to Jorge and people like him, with enough materials to continue their work. Currently, Jorge requires blueprints of Sterling and Sons, Wurlitzer and similar brands to keep restoring this pianos to its original state. In addition, if you know of any company that is willing to sell, on a fixed price, materials and/or parts to Cuba, send me a message. I know that together we could make a difference in the World.

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