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Jeff Mamett

This week, put your cowboy hat, your boots, and lets get rowdy! Well in a good sense, of course. I got my boots on since I chat with him. Turn your volume high enough and lets make some noise with some tracks that I will include from Jeff’s new album Carry Me Back. The first song that you will listen in the episode is Bing Bang Boom and the last one is Dark Spanish Eyes. If you do not know Jeff, well let me put it in simple terms: he is the true cowboy! He used to work in cattle business and now he returned to his original roots as an Americana singer. He has such great harmony and melody in his songs that you will ask yourself where was he all this time. Well , the answer to your question should be: let me dive into the countryside of Americana and embrace this great music. If you ever read Walt Whitman, his lyrics are poetry and his storytelling resembles Mark Twain. If you ask me,  itt is time that you embrace Americana music.






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