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I have my own set of strings

As I have said on my tweets early this year, new things were coming to my website and podcast. I first started with my second set of own set of guitar picks. The first one were made in 2016 and were given away to a few people. These guitar picks will be available soon on my shop.

I was not sure what kind of merchandise would be a great item to sell on my website. I wanted something to be music related. I still have some unfinished projects that I need to address and complete.

I do not know how it happened, but it did. My ideas come to me for no particular reason. They just come to me out-of-the-blue. I was daydreaming in having my own line of guitar strings with my logo. . I remember that one day I was surfing the Internet searching for strings made in the USA, and Curt Magan’s website was at the top of my search. I went all over its content.

My search and review of his website did not ended there. I wanted to know more about his strings and who have tried them. I read a couple of reviews about Curt’s strings. However, one review caught my attention. John, the host of a website call DJent gave a great review of these strings. You can check the review here. This is the same place where I read for the first time a music genre known as djent. No worries, I had not idea what djent was until I read this guy reviews and profile.

When I finally decided to take the big leap, I did not hesitate. I reach out to Curt’s business and Samantha answered all my questions and kept me on the loop on every stage of the order process and production. She even made suggestions for the next batch of strings when I place a new order. That recommendation was put immediately into motion a week after her recommendation. Thank you Samantha.

A few of these acoustic and electric guitar strings were sent to a few musicians for them to try. Because I love to have others people’s feedback, these musicians accepted my request. Soon they give me their feedback, I will be posting it on my shop.

Soon the shop will be ready for you to start getting your

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