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Hiroya Tsukamoto

A friend of mine call me Junior ZZ (as ZZ Top in case you understand)

I never thought that I will have the experience of watching a musician from Japan performing before me and allowing me to interview him. Hiroya, his immediate friends call him Hiro, is an outstanding guitar performer. His style, storytelling, and poetry are very touching.

The day we went to watch his recital, April 13th, 2019, my dog Lila passed away. I was very saddened because of her death, she was 16 years old and gave us 5 more months of enjoyment after having a health crisis on November 2018. His music allowed me to be at peace with my feelings of sadness after her death.

His music will take you to your inner self and will force you to face those feelings and allowed them to leave your soul and enjoy the exteriors as it was imprisoned in a cage. Life should always be living the extreme of happiness. Sounds poetic and probably it is. My life has taking some turns in poetry for the last 3 years. They said that our lives are complicated and poetry shows how our life becomes complicated. I can attest to that and Hiroya music allows you meet those ghost from your past and poetry part of your inner self.

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