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Episode 72, music in Pinochet’s concentration camps

This project has a special meaning to me, not because I had any relatives who were imprisoned during Pinochet’s Regime, but because I always suffered, from the distance, the tortures and attitudes of an extremist ignorant regime upon it citizens. Hobbes used to say that our nature is to be violent and aggressive to our equals. Sometimes, I believe that Hobbes’s ideals still alive. My story behind this episode lies on my concern of how a regime wanted to erase from our history an event that had a significant impact on a population that was never considered during previous years: the worker. I have been always intrigued about why we treated each other differently and inclined in branding our differences politically. Why we have to be despicable and mean to others on those differences? How low we can go to despise a fellow citizen? These are questions hardly answered; human nature is just like a maze, too many wrong paths.

We tend to believe that music could have some kind of healing effect on humans, and it does. However, when ignorance rules the mind of humankind, its actions or brutality tends to quiet and kill any sound that might soothe your pain or put in you in front row of social issues. This was the main concern of 1973’s Chile coup-d’etat and Pinochet failed. La Nueva Canción ruled outside of the borders and it pushed musicians to disguised their concerns in so many different ways, that ignorance never was able to quiet down or silence.

It has been a hard work collecting information, scheduling,  arranging, and recording interviews with academicians and former political prisoners from Chile political concentration camps. It was worth the work, because at the end, what I collect is the gratitude of these heroes in putting their stories on our cyber waves and on allowing me to feel their pain. The first of three episodes in Spanish is ready for you to listen. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than uploading the first part of La canción en las prisiones de Pinochet episode a day after Netflix released Masacre at the Stadium yesterday (1/11/2019).

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