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Episode 64 is out of the oven

On this episode Seth Kibel and I were across each other in my building’s conference room. Seth took me off my tracks several times or as you might said: I lost my train of thought. Interviewing Seth is not as easy as you might think; he has been interviewed so many times that there is no too much to cover, or at least that is what I thought. However, no task is impossible for me. He took me off my seats with his witty sense of humor but I bounce back to continue with another line of questions without going overtime because he has a work commitment to meet. If you listen to his music, better than listening to me, you will find that Seth is an outstanding musician who has won many WAMA Awards for his compositions and arrangements. I will not say anything else, you need to listen to his story and then Google him and find by yourself why I consider him an outstanding musician (bear in mind that I am jazz and swing nerd). You can check his website at:


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