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Episode 171, Irene Jalenti

Hi dear visitors to my website and podaudience to Music in 2Flavors Musica en 2Sabores®. I know that I have been dragging my feet and being constantly away from this website. But I cannot promise that next posts are going to be fllowing continously.

Anyhow, enough of excuses for my lack of activity on this website and on with this week’s episode. This week guest I owed her presence to Michela Messina, also known as Maatsay, who suggested me to interview her Italian friend, Irene Jalenti, a Baltimore resident. You can check her website here to get to know more about her life and music career.

We held a conversation, as I always do, a few weeks before this episode were recorded. We talked lengthy about our lives, how my podcast came to live or what was behind it, and much more. I admit that I love to talk, and when is about music, I talked until I ran out of breath.

Initially, this episode was supposed to be recorded live in Howard University Campus. I was excited for this encounter, since my only outside contact was with my wife, Pichurri (our only survived dog), and random neighbors that I see on my daily dog-walking. Besides these casual contacts, I have not met with anyone else personally (except for my family in Jacksonville).

However, we were not able to record it on a such lovely campus, so we decided to do it the only way possible, via phone. This episode, and another one in Spanish, was done a week before my Jacksonville trip. It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, to be precise May 25, 2021. As always, I started my call with jokes and asking about my guest’s health and how she was doing. It is a way of ice-breaking and take any nervousness away. This part of the conversation is only available on my Patreon account for my Patreons.

As I always do on my inteviews, we talked about her upbringings in Terni, her family Record Store business, her musicians family members, her music experience in Peabody Institute and her PhD degree from Howard University, Department of Music, her music and new project that will be released soon.

I do not want to give any more from this wonderful episode. The last thing I will say about this episode is that there is a part on it that I thought Irene was leaving the recording. I will not tell you where this happened, you have to find it by yourself and to see if it did happened.

I do not want close this post without taking the opportunity to thank all of my guests for the time they spent with me, I always close my conversations with a feeling of joy, satisfaction, and with a wealth of information and growth, as an individual and musician frustrated, from all of you.

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