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DC Council punish musicians

DC Council is proposing, for the third time, a new measure that will make musicians life miserable, adding more salt to injury. This new municipal, bill or whatever name they decide to christen this absurdity, will prohibit musicians to play their music at certain levels. Bill B24-0137 states that:

It shall be unlawful for any person to make, operate, use, or play any 43 electronically amplified sound in a public space that exceeds 90 decibels from the sound source.

Mendelson is the B24-0137’s author

Please note that this Bill does not state a time frame of whether any music above those levels could be played at any other time that does not affect the living hell of the new yuppies moving to new residential buildings in a former commercial zone. The gentrification phenomena that is taken place all accross USA is pushing middle lower class and working people to the “outskirts” of the city and at same time killing music business as Bolsonaro is doing with Amazon Forest.

DC Councilmembers are more worried in collecting and making an income gain with all these residential/commercial developments than preserving a long music tradition in DC. This ailment is not only a curse in DC, we are seeing this trend in Nashville, Austin, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and probably in other places accross the World. For all these politicians, accross the World, music and culture is not a commodity, it is a nuissance. Shame on all of you.

Anita Bonds supports such Bill

If you continue reading this measure and how is going to be enforceabe, guess who is going to enforce it if it gets the votes for approval: DC Police. The same Police that participated in a myriad of stunts by Donald Trump, while he held, shamefully, the Office of the President of USA in his last year. Lets give DC Police more power to abuse against a working class that has not been taken into consideration for the last year and struggled and still struggling to meet ends . Shame on you

Definitely, Democrats in DC are more concerned in making more income into their City chest rather than helping our musicians. Shane on them and shame on all of those who supports this Bill and who is pushing working class out of DC City boundaries to have more “wealthy” yuppies moving-in.

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