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Dawn of Hope will be launched June 19, 2020

As I mentioned on Episode 142 Ros Gilman, on June 19, 2020, at midnight, Dawn of Hope will be launched. I am so excited to download this song that it is like waiting for presents in Christmas.

As I mentioned on a previous post (here), I invited all of you to download this song. Tomorrow is Ros’ day. Lets make it happen. It is an instrumental song, a song that brings hope to all of us.

On this troubled World, we need more of things that could act or react as healers. We know that music is a great spirit healer. There is no social movement without music. Social changes is most of the time demanded via songs.

Since we are living in a World that needs a lot of healing and love, tomorrow our main job is assist in the healing process. I invite you to make of Dawn of Hope our Peace Banner. Every download will show Ros how much we appreciate his music craftmanship. But also, will allow us to use his music as a sword against hate and greed. Together we could accomplish this small task.

Remember, it is easy to hurt someone, but takes a lot of courage to fix what we broke. We need to fix our World. We need to let Love Reign over all us and vanquished hate and prejudice from this planet. We have only one life and we should live it accordingly to our social belief: do no harm to thy brother or sister.

Lets give Hope a Chance. We all Deserve to live in Peace and in Love!

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