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Christopher Naoum

Photo taken by Jaime Riera Seivane 3/31/2019

Saturday’s episode is almost ready to be launched. I had a great chat about music advocacy and I learned a lot during this interview. In this episode you will learn more about what happens behind music venues, with government entities that regulates Arts and Entertainment, how gentrification might affect music scene, and things that probably you were not aware of about advocacy.

As Christopher stated on this interview, supporting a musician is not about attending a free performance, but, instead, supporting him economically by purchasing an admission ticket to a venue, getting their merchandise, as well as any other economic avenue that local musician uses to make a living.

Christopher advise on this episode is very simple and easy to follow: get to know your environment, check who is playing in your local area, and get involved. As you have seen, this podcast is a mean to support indie musicians, so far I have try my best by getting their CDs, and giving them away to those who supports me or via raffles/giveaway prizes.

I do appreciate Christopher Naoum for accepting my invitation to sit and allowed me to record this interview for the benefit of my audience to know more about our city and what is going on in our musical venues. This episode is just the beginning of my new phase or metamorphosis in this area.

If you happened to visit Washington DC or DC Metro Area, make sure not to limit your visit, exclusively, to museums; try to include visiting DC music venues. We have a lot to offer, from Jazz to GoGo. Between that music palette you will find your music niche. Do not be shy, ask your hotel frontier desk where to go to listen to your favorite music being performed by local artists, you will have the best music ride of your life; or send me a email or message thru the contact form. I will be delighted in shinning in with a lot of information. Music is culture; music is arts; music is part of you.


  1. Yonathan Skilton Yonathan Skilton

    Nice website and very informative. I enjoyed the episodes saved on your archive.

    Looking forward for this episode on advocacy. I live in Missouri and would love to hear more about this guest work. Did you talked about other advocacy works in other USA cities or only in DC?

    • admin admin

      I apologize for not responding before. I appreciate your comment and I am glad that you enjoy this episode. I uploaded a continuance of it as 92.1. It is just me explaining why I did this episode and an audio clip that is self explanatory.

      Thank you for listening and please subscribe if you not done so yet.


  2. Se nota que le estás sacando buen partido a Hindenburg.. buen episodio!!

    • admin admin

      Gracias Ernesto. Me hace falta tener un cuarto que tenga plafones acusticos para que no se escuche el vacío de un salón de conferencia.

      En este episodio pude entrar al lado oculto de lo que poco se habla en la industria de la música. Solo la gente conoce la parte “glamorosa” que nos pintan los medios.

      Gracias por apoyarme en esos momentos de duda y sugerirme nuevas plataformas; de igual manera muy agradecido por haber escuchado el episodio.

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