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Christmas Raffle

Hi Music in 2Flavors/Música en 2Sabores audience:

As I mentioned on today’s tweet, I will be doing a raffle on December 15, 2018 at 23 hours EST. It is easy to participate. First, you need to fill the Contact Form located in this website. There you will be furnishing all necessary information to send you the CD’s if you happen to be the winner. It does not matter where are you located, I will send you the CD to the address you provide us via regular mail if your name is picked. In addition, If you are already a Music in 2Flavors subscriber, just drop me a few lines and let me know who you are, that is the only way you can participate in the raffle

The deadline to be considered in the raffle is midnight on 12/14/18. Sorry folks, no subscription of contact form filled after the deadline will be considered. If there is more than 6 forms filled, I will live stream the raffle. If the amount of forms is less than 6, the raffle will be automatically canceled. The only way this might work is if you share this post with all your family members, friends, neighbors, any one you like and/or love. The more the merrier (as the saying goes) or the more the chances of participating and winning will be… higher? Maybe you will be the lucky winner. So far, I will giveaway 5 different CD’s to 5 different people; since it is a week before Christmas, I might be throwing a few more if I see many people participating.

Remember, fill the form before 12/14/2018 to be considered. The prizes and winners will be announce live stream on 12/15/2018 if there is more than 5 people participating. Good Luck and see/read you soon.

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