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Chile has awaken

This episode took a turn that no one would have expected. All of my followers know that I have a deep respect for all Chileans and I have been very vocal supporting them for the last two years. I decided to do a special episode of Chile’s Popular Protest against neoliberalism policies that dates back to Pinochet’s Junta Militar. This episode is in honor of all those who have fallen to Pinochet’s bloodshed, to those that endured torture during that regime, and current Chilean’s generations that stand still against Piñera’s policies in favor of an oligarchy.

On this episode I have Sergio Araya Alfaro, who was my guest on Episode 85, and he gave me a great insight from a political and musical standpoint. A point of view that many will share and others will not; I accept dissent opinions and we need them. Not all opinions are right. What is not right is to impose ones opinion over others believing is the only truth. I have been wrong many times, and others I have been right about people.

Next Saturday episode will be called: Sergio Araya Alfaro: Chile no se amilana. I will add some music tracks recorded by different people and the music it was played. In this episode Victor Jara’s name will popped-up constantly (he is one of my favorite singers of all time).

Of all the podcasts that I have listened on this issue, only one addressed the protest in a impartial/non-biased way and coming from a real Chilean who spoke the truth, my friend Oscar Blazquez, a Spaniard archaeologist, also known as El Cronovisor is responsible to but the cowbell to the cow or whatever animal species you like. Kudos Oscar, you did well.

In addition, on my radio show I have played many Chilean songs in support of their struggling without making it sound as a political statement. But all my Chilean friends know that my heart is with all of them during my shows. All of them have expressed me their appreciation, thru direct messages, of what I am doing. I do all of this not because I want some kind of acknowledgment, but because deep in my heart I want to be there and shout-out what Liberty, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of not being Afraid means to me.

Que viva Chile por siempre

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