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Carlos Lopez Lirola

This week’s guest is a well known musician from El Ejido, Spain. It was thru the wonderful world of networking (thank you Ramon Garcia) that I had the opportunity to interview and get to know Carlos Lopez Lirola. It was Ramon, thru his wonderful program Taberna de Jazz, who answered my plead for someone to try my strings for electrical guitar . He accepted my request of testing my strings and my invitation to be my guest.

The recording of this episode was done a Sunday. The communication via Skype was smooth, I could not even listen to any static. The conversation held was extraordinary. We cover so much music terrain. From his adolescence to the lost of music stores. In addition, we could not avoid the Covid19 trending topic. When this recording took place, Spain was into Phase II. We were still on diapers, as simile. One thing I am sure, Spain managed the pandemic situation better than us.

The songs included in this episode are Martin, Tres e Nova, and Chasquidos featuring Sara Soul.

If you want to listen the great music composed and played by Carlos, check his YouTube Channel or here and his webpage here.

Remember to support our local indie musicians by downloading and purchasing their music. A world without music is a dead one.

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