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Bluegrass and Country music

Jaime Riera Photography (c)

This week I will have an episode mostly with music, there will be no interview. I managed to record great music from a few local musicians that were playing in VFW 350 Hell’s Bottom. I thought that I might be able to interview a few musicians, but I was advised no to do, since it will break the atmosphere of spontaneity. You will notice that this gathering was full of camaraderie and happy folks that wanted to share their passion for music. Sometimes you will listen to my camera clicked.

This place was so full of wonderful music that it inspire me to take a lot of pictures, over 172 in total. They even joked with me and I joked back. We might call these recordings music from the heart of Real American People

Jaime Riera Photography (c)

I hope you enjoy this episode, there is a lot of solos from different people playing mandolins, dobros, bass, banjo, fiddlers, acoustic guitars, and beautiful voices.

I never experienced bluegrass/country the way I did that Monday and I am planning to go back again. This episode for me was special, and there were no microphone for the voices. Everything was completely acoustic. No amps, no devices near by. It was RAW as I called it.

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