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Best Bilingual Podcast Award

This week has been crazy. I have a new job that has required a lot of working hours in a specific litigation. Yes, I have returned to my former self, a trial attorney. It has been awhile since the last time I was in charge of a trial matter, but I am on top of it and I love it.

But lets get back to the topic of this post. I have just received the award by mail. When I thought the box, I could not imagine how big it was. I felt blessed and happy at the same time. All my friends were happy for me and asking me questions about how I felt when I won. I did not wanted to brag because this is not whom I am, I do not even take selfies of myself but many people wanted to see me with this award and I took a selfie with it.

I thank Felix Montelera for creating this ceremony for those of us who takes podcasting seriously. Besides being a wonderful journey, full of experiences, and storytelling, it is a learning process, not only for my audience, but also for me. I do not regret registering my podcast and going thru the process of being judged by other podcasters. By the way, I had the opportunity of judging as well, and it was a wonderful experience. Again, I want to thank all of my family for supporting me in this journey, my audience, and guests. Without you, there were no need for doing this music podcast. There are more things to come, until my strength allows me. Just one thing: Music is the best arm against ignorance and violence.

In another note, I wanted to share with you a caricature made of me by a good friend of mine: Raul M Guzmán. You might remember him, he is Renacer de mi Tierra Folcloric Group from Chile. He asked Nelson Díaz (a radio DJ) to draw me with the award. If you ask me how I felt when I received this picture, there is no words that can describe the many emotions when I saw it. Raúl, who I consider a great friend, is one of the most incredible people I have met. Our friendship was born from an episode and is getting stronger. Who would imagined that a podcast will built strong friendships across the ocean and Andes.

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  1. Miguel Miguel

    Cogratulations for winnning this award and thank you for your episodes in Spanish and English.

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