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Banjo Bones, one of our guest nominated for the Sammies

Hello my dear podcast audience and website visitor, as you might know (if you don’t, scroll down the menu at your right) my friend Jose Espada also known as Banjo Bones, is nominates for the Sacramento Area Music Awards. Banjo Bones was our two time guest (I might start Music in 2Flavors Elite Club) on Episode 2 and 31.

Banjo Bones, without hesitation and not knowing what unknown territory he was getting into, accepted my invitation to be part of this crazy idea of mine. The podcast has taken a different shape and flavor since its launch (as any idea) on July 2017 and I do not regret any step taken in its evolution. I do not consider myself a master on podcasting, but I am trying harder.

As part of my goals in this music venture, I have promised myself to sponsor and endorse great musicians on any manner. Banjo Bones is not an exception. That is why I would appreciate that you vote for him on this link:

If you do vote, please share it on all your social media, the more people get to know about this award ceremony, the more we can reach.

If you have any questions, let me know, I am just a facilitator who loves music and support great musical talent.

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