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Arauco Yepes, Symphonic Percussion

When we think about orchestra or symphonic percussion, we think on Timpani (as shown above). However, there is more than meets the eye when we talked about symphonic percussion. A few of the symphonic percussion instruments are: piano is a percussion instrument (it has mallets or hammers inside that struck the strings), marimba or xylophone, castanets, chimes, cymbals, triangle, snare drum, bass drum, tambourine, maracas, gongs, and celesta, to name a few.

Not all of these are ready to be used in all music performance. I have seen on stage a few of the instruments mentioned above. However, as Arauco Yepes told us in this week’s episode: it is hard for the percussionist to carry all of this instruments because of its weight and because they do not have someone to be in charge in assembling and disassembling it once the concert is over. Let me clear any questions for those guitar and music nerds, Arauco is not a close relative of virtuoso maestro Narciso Yepes. Although Arauco’s father, Antonio Yepes,

I must admit that this episode started a little rocky. We jumped immediately to talk about music, especially Zarzuela. I did not know, and it was a pleasant surprise, that Arauco is also a Zarzuela’s fan. We shared our faved Zarzuela’s music and much more.

However, I managed to take our musical bus back on the trail and continue our journey into the magnificent world of percussion. Maybe, you have heard Arauco Yepe’s performance or videos. If you have not, I just provided a link on this paragraph. But I assure you, once you listen to his music story, you will be eager to know more about him.

Every one that listen to my podcast knows my format of interview, but we barely painted this time Arauco’s life as a teenager. It seems that my paint strokes this time were too thin. However, we shared our Teatro Colon experiences from different perspective. While he was telling all of this, I was walking thru those wonderful places in Argentina. I was remembering my solo scouting adventures thru Lavalle, Corrientes and Florida Street on my three stays in Buenos Aires from 2004 to 2006. I felt that I was free for the first time in my life. I felt wrapped by a country full of culture, music, flavors, and sounds. Arauco brought those memories back while we sharing some of our experiences.

If you have not listen to the episode yet, you should. We had an hour and half of pure musical enjoyment experience, and I think you will do.

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