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Alejandro Andreu’s episode

From Alejandro’s Instagram account

Episode 121 with Alejandro’s is ready for every one to enjoy. Alejandro is a great luthier, he made my quena and sikus (zampolla) and I can attest to his great craftmanship.

Alejandro and myself have formed a great friendship bond, as you might notice at the end of this conversation. I owed to Alejandro so much. I also grateful to Pancho Díaz for making the arrangements to met Alejandro.

The link for this episode is at your right menu on this website or you could follow this link

From Alejandro’s Instagram account

As I always state at the end of my podcast, I would love to hear your comments and advice of how to improve my podcast and what musicians you think I should contact to interview.

Thank you for visiting my website and for downloading my episodes.

From Alejandro’s Instagram account

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