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A Tribute to Charlie Watts

Photo by Eamonn McCabe/Redfernsra

As I mentioned on this episode, it was on my teens that I became a Rolling Stone’s fan. Even though that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger are the front people of the band, I always find myself attracted to follow those who left the band or were not that “popular”. Names such as Brian Jones, Mick Taylor, and Charlie Watts were and still are my fave band members. The formers, because they were much music savvy, compared to the current band leaders. The latter, Charlie Watts, I always found his demeanor appealing.

I learned about his jazz enthusiasm on late 1980’s. I was not a jazz fan, but I knew that jazz aficionados has an unique taste and skills that, probably, other musicians lacked; but that is my personal opinion, not the rule.

As I mentioned on my episode, I remembered watching, for the first time, Charlie Watts on Rolling Stones 1982 Tour on a video being played on a surf store. I spent the whole hour, probably more, watching Charlie playing his drum kit. I did not say on the episode that I did not purchase anything from this store. It was in that moment that his cool attitude got my attention and realized that he was my living Rolling Stone member that I will like over the others.

I hope you like this tribute episode to one of the greatest drummers in Rock History. If you like this episode in Spanish, sorry, I have not done a Spanish episode for awhile for good reasons, it is explained on my intro, please leave a comment and share it on your social media.

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