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Design created by Jaime Riera-Seivane -protected as TM (™)

All of you know that I am constantly trying to be creative and making this website and my podcast trendy. That is when I came with the idea of Hall of Fame. Since this is a podcast about music, I told to myself: why I do not mixed two type of acknowledgments: Hall of Fame of Country, Rock and Roll, etc, and SNL Club of Five. That is when I decided to transform my personal logo (illustration at your right) for this special recognition of those that had supported me for the last three (3) years with their donations. Furthermore, I could not leave my guests who were excellent partners in this musical journey and decided to appear more than three (3) times in different episodes of Music in 2Flavors/Música en 2Sabores.

Design created by Jaime Riera-Seivane -protected as TM (™)

The new logo, which will be in a new tab on my website, is shown at your left.

If you want to be a supporter and be on the hall of Fame of M2F/M2S, the only thing you need to do is subscribe to my If you decide to stay on Patreon for one (1) year or more, you are entitled to be on the Hall of Fame -Supporters

If you are a Guests with more than three (3) appearances on any episode, you are entitled to be on my Hall of Fame -Guests.

I may not be a well known person in music industry, but for me all those who have supported me by their donations and by appearing on my podcast are worthy of recognition and appreciation for their long time dedication and support towards me. Soon they will receive a special token in recognition of their labour of love supporting my work.

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